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Usually made of fabric, Vera Bradley handbags stand out by their vividly colorful design. The bags are usually soft, with flowery patterns, yet, the range of products is not limited to purses: there are also quilted cotton luggage, mats, stationery, wallets, belts, diaper bags and accessories designed by Vera Bradley.

There are over 3500 retailers and stand alone Vera Bradley stores that you could shop your favorite products from. Take your pick from the numerous sizes, shapes, colors and designs. And if you are out for a good discount, keep your eyes on closing lines or patterns to be retired, because they are sold at lower prices.

Vera Bradly handbags have names. It’s funny to say or think of purses in such a way, but over the years, this has turned into a form of public brand recognition of the popularity level. Thus, you can purchase the Hipster, the Vera, the Villager, the Betsy, the Morgan, the Hannah, the Handbag or the Amy. All of the collections have various patterns included so that you can choose the one that best suits your taste, personality and preferences. The predominant material in all the collections is quilted cotton, yet, they have also launched a Microfiber line too.

Women often feel positive and optimistic wearing Vera Bradley handbags, simply because they are like a breath of fresh air, a break from the conventional look and the dullness of neutral colors. Nevertheless, the colorful pattern makes the handbags excellent for casual wear, yet, they do not qualify for formal wear. Some women can’t wear Vera Bradley handbags at the office, particularly if they depend on a formal look for their profession. It’s much more common to see Vera Bradley handbags with younger women, teen girls or college students who recognize the thrill of optimism in the bags’ design as defining for themselves.

Yet, we can’t identify real limitations for wearing Vera Bradley handbags. You see them, you fall in love with them, and you give them a try. This is not necessarily about a fashion statement or an attitude, but rather about the recognition of patterns that define a person in such a unique way that every accessory and apparel item becomes a way of telling an individual story. Therefore, Vera Bradley handbags do more than just appeal to young women for casual wear. Depending on the situation, accessories have this great chance of converting into fashion statements.


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